About H&P

SINCE 1965


H&P Wood Turnings has produced the highest quality turned wood products for the furniture and building materials industries. Our early emphasis was on the furniture trade, but eventually we shifted our production to include high-quality pressure-treated turnings. We have applied the same care, skill and experience needed to produce fine quality furniture turnings to the production of pressure-treated turnings. In fact, we use furniture-grade wood in many of our pressure-treated products. As a result, H&P manufactures the highest quality furniture and pressure-treated products available to the market today.



Another hallmark of H&P quality is service. We keep a large inventory of items available, and we also have the ability to fill custom orders. Let H&P be your supplier of quality hardwood and pressure-treated wood products.

Custom Jobs

Of course, at H&P, we are not limited to our inventory items. If you need a custom-made piece, contact us, we can help. There is no limit to what we can turn! Just ask...